Saturday, August 31, 2019

Episode 154: Jupiter Hell - Early Access

We discuss the kitchen sink school of game design, with Kornel Kisielewicz and Darren Grey.

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Synopsis & Useful Links
  • Our previous episode on Jupiter Hell, mid-Kickstarter
  • Kornel's development history and the dangers of over-ambitious projects
  • The evolution of DRL (Doom the Roguelike)
  • Jupiter Hell and the Kickstarter journey
  • Making classic roguelike mechanics accessible to a the broader gaming community with less complex keyboard bindings and more ‘interesting’ graphics
  • Crossing barriers and breaking ground with a turn-based approach to roguelike game play! (video evidence)
  • Designing around cardinal only movement
  • New design elements in Jupiter Hell to improve on DoomRL
  • Corner shooting in DoomRL and cover system in Jupiter Hell
  • The challenges of portability and the promise of a MacOS build
  • Voice acting and profanity in roguelike games
  • Lighting, FPS and other challenges involved in building an animated 3D turn-based roguelike, and the adaptive animation system in Jupiter Hell
  • Writing a game with modding in mind from the beginning
  • Early access and the plans for further game expansion
  • Jupiter Hell links: Jupiter Hell main site, Jupiter Hell on Steam, Jupiter Hell on GOG.comJupiter Hell Discord channel


  1. Great podcast. I joined the Kickstarter because of the previous time Jupiter Hell was featured on Roguelike Radio. As a Mac-only user, I'm appalled by the development hell Apple put you through, but appreciative that you did it anyway. Congratulations on the recent release!

  2. Next Rogue-like Radio - will it be September, perhaps in November, or maybe not until 2020?

    Aside from that, great podcast. Will be looking forward to the game whenever it gets out of Early Access. Take whatever time it takes to get it good and ready - I've experience way too many games recently that weren't in Early Access long enough, if not outright skipping Early Access when it was sorely needed.

  3. Great episode! I really appreciate the transparency. TY /L

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    1. Not exactly, but it's quite inactive at the moment.