Sunday, July 26, 2020

Episode 155: Magic Systems

We discuss designing magic systems for roguelikes, with Owen (aka Scatha), co-developer of Sil, Alexei Pepers and Darren Grey.

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Synopsis & Useful Links
  • Implementing a Tolkien style of magic with the systems in Sil (in particular its song system)
  • Should magic be structured and scientific, or mysterious and subtle
  • Creating immersion and adding depth to magic
  • Exploring different magical archetypes
  • Mental magic systems (Sil - Monster morale, Illusion magic)
  • Magical environments in roguelikes (DCSS - The Abyss)
  • Horror and magic - Lovecraftian and unpredictable systems that work against the player (Infra Arcana)
  • Material components as a system that provides meaning and context to magic
  • Procedurally generated magic and hand crafted bespoke design elements (Caves of Qud, Dwarf Fortress)
  • Procedural generation as its own type of 'magic' in the hands of developers, and Alexei's Roguelike Celebration talk on Proc Gen Practitioners
  • Should magic be something the player has control over or something you have to work with
  • Balancing risk and reward, and how overpowered or limited magic should feel
  • The issues of scrolls, potions, and the identify system in roguelikes
  • Customisable consumables and magical systems (Elder Scrolls)
  • Moments we found magical in roguelikes
  • Roguelike Celebration will be going virtual this year:


  1. always beatiful and interesting <3, plus i discovered Sil which uses a rule system similar (and better!) to a pen&paper rpg system i'm using for a custom version of Ars Magica!

  2. So, we gonna have to wait for another summer to roll around to get another Rogue-like radio?

    Great to see you doing another regardless.

  3. Thrilled to see another of these up. Thought the channel was done!

  4. A little disappointed with this discussion. I know I'm being reductive, but it seems like the general consensus was that RNG effects "feel more magical". Even if this were true, I think that tends to lead to unbalanced and unfun gameplay. I would have liked to hear some more debate and difference of opinions.

  5. Super stoked with the new episode! Have been patiently waiting. I thought the topic was great and really made me reflect on how magic systems, potions, and scrolls are implemented.

  6. The Myth series is by the late Robert Asprin.