Friday, April 12, 2019

Episode 153: 7DRLs 2019

Discussion of the results of the 2019 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, with Darren Grey, ToneAndre Odendaal, Patrick Davison and Lachlan Kingsford (

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Synopsis & Useful Links
  • 7DRLs 2019 - full list of entries
  • Reviews of all 2019 7DRLs (click on average score to see review text)
  • Thread of 7DRL videos
  • Trends discussed - more browser games, Pico-8 engine games, many graphical games (though oft of unreliable quality), card games. Less traditional ASCII, less mobile compared with previous years.
  • Bodyswapping games - Inner Life (go inside enemies, enemies go inside you), ExpelledRL (possession mechanics)
  • Topology / geometry focused games - portals in Pocket Dimensions, portal-esque mechanics in Ellipsis (by Patrick), pentagonal tiles + time manipulation in Incendian Falls, rotate the whole dungeon in Peryton
  • Princess Pri - isometric game with really interesting level generation
  • Andre's Escape with the Ring of Erdna, made in Unity using the RogueSharp library, where you start at the bottom of the dungeon and have to escape to the surface
  • Blind friendly games - Battle Weary (designed for easier use with screen readers), SonarRL (audio only, though very lacking in content)
  • Quinta Essentia - really great game with procedural alchemy
  • Tower of Babel - roguelike by Jeff Lait with randomised controls and highly randomised content
  • Ars Moriendi - game where all achievements are linked to types of death
  • No'hanz - manipulate traps in clever to achieve different gameplay objectives
  • Spell Wheel - tightly designed small level 'Broughlike'
  • [hexagon] (actually named ⬢) - simple but nice tactical game on a hex grid
  • Spellforger - design your own custom spells by assembling runes (and the challenge in making this type of game well)
  • GeomanceRL - spellcasting based on mana tile distribution in the dungeon
  • Incanto - Scrabble-esque system for creating spells
  • 1RL - 7DRL about making a 7DRL, themed around game creation with time as health
  • BEARRL - play as a Bear, gathering food
  • Card games - Forward (card dealing with rogue theme), Get Well Soon (deckbuilding with roguelike dungeon features)
  • summertime! - trippy cute game with horror elements and house cleaning
  • Inner Life - one of the big highlights of the year, with very unique mechanics of possession and being possessed
  • I of the Storm - fight with Street Fighter-esque chains of moves
  • 2 player games - Double Blind (get a glimpse of the level and then try to navigate based on memory), Summoner's Handbook (tower defence game)
  • Pinball Dungeon - propel your character around the dungeon in contiguous space, damaging enemies you bump into
  • Rollcave - Increasing momentum in different directions each turn
  • SkiRL - Get faster each turn, have to consider momentum
  • Rogue Robs Trains - Wild west themed roguelike, shooting enemies on a train with a cool ASCII animated background
  • Hack Attack - Interesting combo-based combat with different enemy types
  • Hathwell - Wield a sword that takes up a separate tile, you have to swing the sword into enemies
  • Run to the Stairs - Racing-based roguelike
  • Ironscape - Procedurally created monsters, lots of beautiful otherworldly flavour
  • The House - Hand-drawn style graphics, deterministic combat
  • Wait For It - (Darren's game) Waiting turns charges up abilities, player can pause time and only gets experience when killing multiple enemies on the same turn
  • Plus probably lots of other highlights we've missed beyond these 38 discussed!
  • Upcoming Seven Day Broughlike jam 2-9 June, for making games in the style of Michael Brough


  1. Thank you guys for providing this fantastic show! I discovered Roguelike Radio in December 2019 and just can't stop listening to your exhilarating discussions. I always hear you when I cycle to work and I consumed more then 50 episodes in just a few month. Roguelike Radio inspired me to take part in this years 7DRL challenge. My goal was that my game would get mentioned in your show and now I am very happy to see RunToTheStairs listed here.
    I played a lot of the other entries and found out that the quality is quite high this year. One of my favorites is "Pocket Dimensions RL" which I think was mentioned by Darren but did not get discussed. It really deserves a closer look since it provides FOV-calculation through freely placeable portals.

    1. Run to the Stairs is a fun one. I didn't expect much from such a simple concept but it works well.