Sunday, December 2, 2018

Episode 149: Chaos Theory

We discuss the interaction of chaos theory and procedural generation, with Alexei Pepers and Darren Grey.

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  1. Incredibly fascinating episode - More geeky deep stuff please! Alexei Pepers is awesome. I'll be looking for more interviews and presentations from her.

  2. Is there text version of this episode or any other interview from Roguelikeradio?

  3. There is a game that does play with the butterfly effect concept, though I do not know what underlying algorithms create the mechanics. At the time I played it ages ago, the effect leaves quite an impression.

    1. In my opinion, "Millennia: Altered Destinies" is programmed and designed in bad style, because it enforces specific view in moral choices in conversations (preferred by the authors of this game). It looks like this game is anti-roguelike because there is tendency to mechanical ritualism in refueling and limited ways of reactions.
      Good roguelike shouldn't suggest reloading timeline, by save scumming or by game mechanics.
      If I'm wrong, just let me to know.