Saturday, October 27, 2018

Episode 148: The Morgue Experience

We discuss the how roguelikes deal with the after death experience, with Kawa and Darren Grey.

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Useful Links
  • Kawa's lightning talk on The Morgue Experience
  • Other talks from the recent Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco
  • How players experience death, and how it links with The Hero Trap
  • Letting players laugh at their own death
  • Darren has some rare design criticism of FTL
  • Social aspects of online hiscores and shareable morgue files
  • Supporting learning through death
  • Encoding morgue files in Death Cards in MidBoss (RLR ep)
  • Announcing deaths via Twitter bots or online servers
  • Achievements, collectables, unlocks and other meta progression to be celebrated on death
  • Death notes in The Trapped Heart, giving personalised tips based on player's gameplay behaviour over several runs
  • Death as a vehicle for story
  • Bones files, and other impacts on future games (and the potential for exploits)
  • Death should be celebrated and fun! Force players to love death!

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