Sunday, January 27, 2019

Episode 150: Rot.js with Ondrej Zara

We discuss Rot.js, a roguelike toolkit and display library using JavaScript, with Darren Grey and rot.js creator Ondrej Zara.

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Synopsis & Useful Links
  • What is Rot.js, its features and its history, and its particular suitability for 7DRLs and browser games
  • Why JavaScript was chosen, its history, reputation and advantages (in spite of Wat)
  • The big trend in recent years of browser-playable roguelikes
  • Rot.js being upgraded from plain JavaScript to TypeScript
  • ASCII aesthetics and vector fonts in browser rendering
  • The joys of hex
  • Ondrej's games - inc Sleeping Beauty, RailRL and The Conception
  • Potentials of the browser platforms - voice control roguelikes, computer speech, etc, and all with full portability
  • The future of Rot.js
  • FunhouseRL’s interesting use of ascii mirrors
  • How Ondrej got into roguelikes and when he started to make his own games
  • Ondrej’s three part tutorial on Rot.js and the interactive manual
Also, important news - the 7DRL dates have been announced! Sign up at the 7DRL jam page on


  1. Thanks a lot for this interview, rot.js has been on my radar for a while! I also appreciate that you got a little bit into the technical details as well.

    I'm also bothered by the fact that diagonals and cardinal directions should not be the same :)

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