Friday, February 22, 2019

Episode 151: Haque

Episode 151 of Roguelike Radio features Rob Parker and Eben Howard, with guests Hadley St. Clair and Kevin Cole, developers of Haque (steam and This episode contains spoilers for story and gameplay elements in Haque

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Synopsis & Useful Links
  • Haque's successful Kickstarter
  • Stylish and distinct aesthetic art style
  • Mechanics inspired by Nuclear Throne and Azure Dreams
  • Mana regen and class play-styles
  • Accessibility (multiple controller icon layouts)
  • Decision to get Hadley as a dedicated writer to add character and soul to the game
  • Scrapped meta narrative inspired by “The Uncle who Works for Nintendo” by Michael Lutz
  • Haque and nostalgia
  • Undertale
  • Item descriptions and their development
  • Hand crafted elements in procedural generated games
  • Localisation vs developing aesthetics and game mechanics
  • Developing pets in Haque and their importance
  • Ox-Head and Horse-Face boss (inspired by Dark Souls’ Ornstein and Smough)
  • The-Pharaohmancer, Sea Witch, Skeletitan bosses
  • Haques difficulty (spiciness)
  • Azure Dreams and Mystery Dungeon roguelike mechanics
  • Althus and Malgrimmar bosses
  • Glitch aesthetics and art style in Haque
  • Developing the ending to Haque
You can also find Hadley and Kevin at Pretend Friends

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  1. Sooo, any idea which episode The Pets Conversation happened in? I was listening in the car last night and don't remember either of the names involved.

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