Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Episode 132: End of 2016

This is episode 132 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren and Mark talk about the End of 2016!

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Topics Discussed:

Join us next time for more roguelike-y goodness :)


  1. For more recent info on Gearhead, see: http://www.gearheadrpg.com/downloads/

  2. Awesome to see that the podcast is going strong! I had thought it was slowing down, but the sidebar proves me wrong (I must have still been thinking about 2014 - early 2015).

    I'd like to throw Golden Krone Hotel out there as a topic for this year, as I *hope* to release the game fully in 2017. I know a few people that have been on the show that have enjoyed the game (not that I want to volunteer them), but I'd be happy to send keys to any contributors who want to check it out. If a full show doesn't fit, perhaps a "where are they now" episode on RLs Darren was encouraging to go to Steam in 2015.

  3. As an aside on the topic of reviving old roguelikes, anecdotally I've seen an unusual number of people (not a lot but more than usual) appearing around the place saying they used to play Nethack or Angband or Moria back in the day, and they're just rediscovering the whole genre of roguelikes now.

    In theory that's something which could come as a side effect of older games seeing new releases. People hear through word of (digital?) mouth that an old favourite is being updated and it brings them into contact with the vastly enlarged present day roguelike landscape.

  4. I would love to have you interview LuckyLuckLuc. He streams a lot of roguelikes, but notably, he recently beat every single class on Sword of the Stars: The Pit on Insane difficulty. I think he'd be interesting considering how impossible and luck dependent people consider the game.

  5. I liked the shmups episode, too... but I am of course biased :P

    but seriously: thanks! minute 29 made my day :)