Monday, February 27, 2017

Episode 133: How to Make a Traditional 7DRL

This is episode 133 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren Grey and Jeff Lait talk about how to make a traditional Seven Day Roguelike

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Topics Discussed:
  • The rating system for 7DRLs, which includes a score on Roguelikeness
  • Game ratings from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Differences in how roguelikes devs and fan rate traditional roguelikeness of games
  • Balancing between innovation and traditional features
  • The dangers of art
  • The traditional roguelikeness of Jeff and Darren's previous 7DRLs
  • Tapping into roguelike tropes to make people feel comfortable with the non-traditional elements
  • Tactical definition of roguelikes vs simulation/complexity definition of roguelikes
  • Sidetrack on gratification and games communication to players and Dark Souls and death tips
  • Inevitable praise for the amazing PrincessRL, which manages to be traditional and huge and varied and innovative and brilliant.
  • The correct way to balance a 7DRL
  • Darren and Jeff's plans for this year
  • Starting with a traditional style and adding an interesting twist
  • The traditional elements to avoid replicating in a 7DRL
  • Rooms and corridors?
  • The 7DRL Challenge 2017 starts soon - take part!

Join us next time for a discussion of Randomness!


  1. Good episode, thanks for increasing the hype, I will participate this year again :).

    I really like Darren's idea for this year! I tried out the legacy approach in my roguelike "rng clrc" as well, in the beginning there are no items at all in the dungeon, but on future runs you find the relics of former characters. E.g. your character Ringo gets the fur of a lion and dies, on the next run you are able to find Ringo's fur of a lion... This should make also your first runs, which are usually failures, worth something and populates the dungeoen with your own legacy. Same as Rogue Legacy the issue is, it might be impossible to win on the first run because it is a central mechanic (and not just optional as bones files in NetHack).

    I like to see your take on it! Bones levels are IMHO an interesting concept, not used to its full potential yet.

  2. The idea of increasing difficult with successive plays is about the absolute worst idea I've heard on this podcast.

    It's also why I quite Rogue Legacy, I could be incorrect but I got the sense that as I played it the first area was becoming harder, which destroyed any point in "levelling up" my character. If the game begins hard, and gets harder as you play it, then it's something that can never be overcome.

    1. Agreed. That is just another level of punishment for the player in an already punishing genre.

  3. I got into it just a little too late for this year's 7drl.
    Yeah things that change between plays should be added very carefully. Non stateless game play between games subverts a very core Roguelike sort of rule. Cryptark does it well and Rogue Legacy seems well received.