Monday, September 12, 2016

Episode 126: IVAN

This is episode 126 of Roguelike Radio, where we talk about IVAN, with Darren Grey, Mark Johnson, Zeno Rogue, Serin Delaunay and Ryan van Herel.

You can download the mp3 of the podcast, play it in the embedded player below, or you can follow us on iTunes.

Topics Discussed:
  • Iter Vehemens Ad Necem - Violent way to death!
  • IVAN's history and how each of the guests got into the game
  • Graphical innovations in the game
  • The limb system, including praying for steel arms
  • Memorable player moments in the rich details of IVAN's gameplay
  • Danger system and dynamic difficulty
  • Restarting of development after a long hiatus (2005-2015)
  • Community involvement
  • Religion and sadomasochism
  • Upcoming European Roguelike Developers Conference in Bulgaria, 26-27 November
  • Download the latest version of IVAN and check out the IVAN Wiki for help

Join us next time for a recording from the New York 2016 International Roguelike Developers Conference!

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