Thursday, March 5, 2015

Episode 98: What Players Want from 7DRLs

This is episode 98 of Roguelike Radio, where we have a look at what players want from 7DRLs. Talking this episode are Darren Grey, Kawaii Dragoness, Alan Charlesworth and CrazedNaly. 

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Join us next time for discussion of the 2015 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge!


  1. Naly is completely right about auto-closing of games. When I LP'd Tom Ford's Zig Climb it kept auto-closing on death and you can see me reopening it and then moving the window back into the recording frame because it never opened in the same location twice. Bah!

    By the way the favourite 7DRL I mentioned was Rogue Fleet, which is available (in a more polished post-7DRL form) here:

  2. Impressive, two Roguelike Radio Episodes within a week! Also, good work getting some Let's Players in another episode. You get a far different dialogue going from a players point of view versus that of a developers.

    1. Yeah, that was a remarkable turnaround. Recorded on Wednesday night; live on Friday.