Monday, March 2, 2015

Episode 97: Getting More Roguelikes on Steam

This is episode 97 of Roguelike Radio, where we talk about a new quest to get more traditional roguelikes onto Steam! Talking this episode are Darren Grey, Nicolas Casalini (aka DarkGod), Mario Donick, Brian Bucklew, Jason Grinblat and Patrick Casey. 

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Join us next time for a build-up to the 2015 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge!


  1. Such a nice episode it marks the beginning of my arduous task to actually get caught up again with the last several, also seemingly nice, episodes.

    It is absolutely a good idea for as many Roguelikes as possible to get out there and bang their respective drums where the action is on Steam and otherwise---in the maddening din of shovelware, there can be procedurally generated cadence! I guess PRIME could get away with some sort of slick, Rube Goldberg-like launcher frontend to facilitate a commercial foray into steam not incredibly unlike the whole Vulture thing for Nethack of late when it comes to license complications---but otherwise I hope to see them get on there even if in a free guise to bolster their dev momentum.

  2. Nice episode! Voted for all the Greenlight games.

    Darren, you asked for suggestions for more roguelikes that should be on Steam. I am pretty sure it's on his author's mind already, but allow me to suggest Cogmind ( Maybe it is time to pressure his author into creating the Greenlight page, too :). Given his dev blogpost, it would seem to me that an interview in Roguelike Radio might also be very interesting. (Disclaimer: I am not related with Cogmind at all, I am just an interested player).

    It was also surprising to hear that Jeff Lait was considering releasing POWDER on Steam, too. It was the first roguelike which "did it" for me - probably because it did not had a horrible interface. I donated to it when I could, but I would definitively pay for it again if it came out on steam. I would want to play (& pay for it) on my mobile phone, but it's android, and the Android port is ... not very good, interface-whise. It's actually less painful to play the GBA version on top of an Android GBA emulator, which is a shame.

    +1 for the talk about user interfaces. I seem to remember there was an episode about it already, but I think there is enough space for another one. A "Dos and Do Nots"-type of episode would be nice. And then there is mobile, and touch-based stuff.

    Thats all I have. Again, thanks!

  3. It is likely DCSS will never get on Steam. Licensing would be too much of a hurdle for it to overcome.