Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode 33: Interview with Thomas Biskup, creator of ADOM

Welcome to Roguelike Radio episode 33. This week we interview Thomas Biskup, creator of ADOM and ADOM II. Talking this episode are Darren Grey, Tapani Kiiskinen and Thomas Biskup.

The mp3 of the podcast can be downloaded here, played in the embedded player below, or you can follow us on iTunes.

Topics discussed include:
- ADOM and ADOM II (formerly known as JADE)
- What got Thomas into roguelikes and development
- Rogue, D&D, Nethack and other influences
- Mixing random generation and predesigned content and structure
- Story and setting in ADOM
- Plans for ADOM II
- What's now happening with ADOM
- Community contributions, activities and challenges
- Mysteries left in the game and the closed source debate
- What sparked Thomas back into ADOM II development
- Upcoming IndieGoGo funding campaign
- The postcard quest (Thomas likes postcards sent to him at Zu den Tannen 5, D-58456, Witten, Germany)

Join us next time for a look at Red Rogue, a platformer roguelike by Aaron Steed (who shall also be joining us).


  1. Weird, this one isn't updating in my feed, anyone else having issues?

  2. As you've probably guessed from my post on my blog I've been messing with the feeds. I'll have a look when I can - probably in about 6 hours.

  3. Both Feedburner and iTunes look good to me. What URL is your feed pointed at?

  4. I can't believe I din't know about this radio TT_TT . So glad to find it, will spend some time listening to the old programs too.