Friday, February 5, 2016

Episode 115: The Curious Expedition

This is episode 115 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren Grey and Mark Johnson speak to Johannes Kristmann and Riad Djemili, developers of The Curious Expedition.

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Firstly, a little point to raise - we're having some considerations about how to make the podcast more regular and sustainable. Please read this Reddit thread and add your thoughts!

Also, related to our editing woes, this episode was actually recorded four months ago...

Topics Discussed:
  • The procedural 19th Century "Jules Verne etc" expedition simulator that is The Curious Expedition, currently in alpha / early access on Steam or via the Humble widget
  • How the roguelike mix of procedural content and permadeath helps enable the exploration gameplay
  • Johannes and Riad's experience at Yager Development in Germany, where they worked on Spec Ops: The Line
  • Minimalist presentation and text to encourage player imagination
  • Development history of the game
  • Representation of women and people of colour in a game set in a sexist and racist time, and highlighting figures that popular history often forgets
  • Giant crabs, dinosaur steeds, and other fantastical elements that add colour to the world
  • Multilayered goal design and how these integrate with the exploration mechanics
  • Sanity and rivals acting as hunger clocks
  • Making combat optional
  • Communicating theme through unique items
  • Upcoming features and future plans for the game
  • When the game will be "complete"
  • Plans for modding support and having the community add to the game
  • Vague plans for future games and staying as sustainable independent developers

Join us next time for discussion of how to design a Seven Day Roguelike - the Challenge Week is upcoming 5-13 March!

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