Thursday, June 25, 2015

Episode 102: Interview with Frank Lantz

This is episode 102 of Roguelike Radio, with Darren Grey and Mark Johnson interviewing Frank Lantz of the NYC Game Centre.

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Topics Discussed:

Join us next time for a live recording from the UK-based International Roguelike Developers Conference! Comment below if you want any questions raised at the conference :)


  1. man, this guy is the king of the materialists! making games to spite the universe?

  2. It is fun to return to these older episodes (though I'm still on my first listen from ep.1 up) to see how far we've come. Less than a year later AI beat the grandmasters in Go.

    The tactical side of gaming is something I'd say even FPS has. It's not as deep, but the time limit is split second in some instances and that makes it as critical to get it right. A few friends have almost an uncanny ability to call out events in some shooters: They see a death notification pop up and are aware where that happened, and can instantly tell that the opposing team is trying to do this or that.

    The skill is pretty transferable to slower games, as the same friends spend inordinate amounts of time with Europa Universalis, roguelikes and board games as well. But they started out with FPS games and honing the split second decision-making, branching out to deeper and more sprawling option trees of 4X strategies and roguelikes.

  3. Fascinating! I love this episode. :)