Sunday, March 23, 2014

Episode 87: 7DRLs 2014

This is episode 87 of Roguelike Radio, where we have a look at many of the games from the 7DRL week. Talking this episode are Darren Grey, Eben Howard, Paul Jeffries and Ed Kolis. 

You can download the mp3 of the podcast, play it in the embedded player below, or you can follow us on iTunes.

Topics discussed:
 - The 10th Seven Day Roguelike Challenge! Wooo! And 132 games were completed!
 - The review process has begun. If you'd like to help out then visit the sign-up sheet. You can also still join the mailing list for news/announcements.
 - All 4 panellists discuss their experiences of creating games during the week
 - Board game inspired roguelikes made for the compo (and two actual board games!)
 - Blog post of 26 highlights by Darren
 - Lots of fish themed and hacking themed roguelikes this year
 - More successful Unity games this year, and lots of in-browser games
 - A little rant against items and inventory
 - GameHunter is doing Let's Plays of all 7DRLs! (he did them all last year)
 - Get game hosting and follow developer updates on
 - Tell us about your favourites!

Games discussed:
 - Beware of Strange Warp Points - spaceship RL by Ed Kolis, based on Space Empires
 - 7dArrrl - pirate sailing adventure by Paul Jeffries, unfortunately missing many roguelike-y features
 - Assault Fish - fishing / ranged combat RL by Eben Howard, where you can relaxedly fish and then throw dolphins at magma snowmen
 - DataQueen - hex-grid hacking-themed RL by Darren Grey, where you only die if you get surrounded and special attacks are linked to movement direction
 - Mad Alchemist - a board game roguelike made by Aaron Steed (pics here)
 - TraumaRL - a vast game with excellent procedural design by flend
 - Kunoichi - ninja stealth game by Kevin Harris, very nicely polished
 - Creek Hero - stylish fish eating fish RL by MagmaCrab where you have to eat smaller letters to grow bigger
 - Rogue Station - survival RL by Pål Trefall and Kenneth Gangstø, where you must manage systems and resources and oxygen across a station as enemies invade
 - Hellspace - extremely polished sci-fi RL by Numeron
 - Cyberdekay - very stylish game by Mark Wonnacott
 - The Smith's Hand - Jeff Lait's latest, where you play a smith making equipment for adventurers
 - Impera - minimalist 1HP roguelike by Elliot Bonneville that has great tactical depth for its low number of elements
 - The Littlest Princess - cute game by Jo Bradshaw, again minimalist and tactical and fun
 - KRAXLN - mountian-climbing roguelike by Arnold from Tinytouchtales, Thomas Wellmann and Leon Purviance
 - Lava Walker - hex RL made in flash with RPG elements by StormAlligator Games & Pixelatedcrown
 - Power Grounds - small tactical game by Diego Cathalifaud
 - RagTag - control a tag-team of 3 monsters and defeat adventurers, by Magma Fortress (maker of Hoplite)
 - FlappyRL - simple, fun, though not too replayable, by Matt Cooper
 - FavRL - roguelike entirely in a 16x16 pixel favicon, by Norgg
 - Sucker - RL by graspee (developer Let's Play video here)
 - GoldFish - pretty ASCII game with comedy talking seahorses, by Ondras
 - HvZ - A rogue-like simulating the college campus game of humans vs zombies, by Micah Workman
 - Here Be Dragons - pretty game with several party members, by Watabou
 - Dice Mines - control a massive party of autonomous, expendable heroes, by Trystan Spangler
 - Dungeon Dual - web-based asynchronous cooperative multiplayer roguelike, by Todd Page
 - Fida'i - stealth roguelike with cone FOV, by Pat Wilson
 - Variablo - slide parts of the level around in a puzzley way, by Rat King
 - Wild West Roguelike - great Wild West themed roguelike, by Lovepreet
 - Voronoiance - voronoi map roguelike with challenging 1HP mechanics, by Daniel Slaney
 - Golden Krone Hotel - kill vampires by luring them into sunlight and become a vampire to use special abilities - very detailed game by Jere
 - Succession - roguelike where when you die you start over as the monster that killed you, by Adam Perry
 - Sand Dune Monster - hex-based Unity RL by Henron
 - Blitz it Up - another hex-based game, by Peaxel Games
 - DartRL - dart-themed game programmed in Dart, by Mathias Myrland
 - Tablet of Ananias - Android/flash game by Slash

Join us next time on Roguelike Radio as we hopefully finally publish our Angband dev team interview! Let us know of any cool 7DRLs we've missed :)


  1. So many! I've not been able to play many this year yet. Sadly. I'm listening to this podcast at work but I cannot game at work. :-(

  2. Thanks for mentioning Rogue Station guys! In the end, with a lot of real life getting in the way during the week, I'm happy to hear that at least the station felt like part of your character when you play, which was definitely the intention (FTL'ish in that respect was our goal). We had planned to have pressure propagation and temperature/heat propagation in there too, more interesting monsters and more components involved in fixing things, but yeah, only so much one can do in a week!

    So many exciting roguelikes made this year though, as with last year, it's a humbling experience to take part in this great challenge and see what some developers are capable of producing in a mere seven days. Very inspiring!

  3. Thank you for pointing out that Golden Krone Hotel is procedural, Darren!! I got to that part in the podcast where Paul was saying it wasn't procedural and my heart sank. That's a very common response because of the beginning area. It's not the perception you want to have going into a roguelike challenge and it's totally my fault. I have greatly improved that area though, mainly by making it much smaller. Game Hunter seemed to really like it in his video. And nice picking up on the directional sunlight... that's something that people don't seem to notice.

    Regarding the illiterate vampires, I know it goes against the established tropes, but I wanted strong but dumb vampires in this universe. Ultimately that makes them like a brawler class (think Troll Berserker from Crawl), it adds some minor stealth/horror elements, and it ties into the story a bit.

    Can't wait to play all these other games after finishing up my reviews. Currently trying to beat Impera and I'm enjoying that a lot.

    1. Yeah, sorry about that - I only played it twice and died in that corridor the first time around, so since the first bit was the same I assumed everything was. Definitely one I'm planning on revisiting at some point, though.

  4. I second the recommendation on TraumaRL. The log entries and such reflect procedurally generated elements (things like "someone had left a shotgun in there" and then when you get to that room you find a shotgun. It's good stuff. I'm particularly impressed with the detailed visual style, the selection of equipment, and the amount of handy information obtained from logs. Well worth extensive play.

    1. Also, it's weird that Darren didn't have problems with AVG and Sucker. I wonder if it's something else that combines with certain antivirus programs to thwart the game. Very odd. It's an interesting game but has some major flaws that need work.

  5. In case I didn't do enough to put people off during the episode; please *don't* play 7DArrrL, because it's god-awful, but *do* let me know if you like the sound of the basic FTL/Pirates!/Proteus-y free-roaming naval-combat-sim roguelike idea that it was originally supposed to be. I might still try and build something like that.

    1. I for one am definitely interested in the idea. I'm a long time fan of Pirates! and the idea of combining that with procedural generation and FTL-isms is very appealing.

  6. Hey there, thanks for the mention!

    To all those who haven't tried it, I encourage you to take a look at it... just click the link and you'll be playing in no time!

    I also made a short retrospective vid where I talk about the main features here:

    I have some comments I'd like to share

    * I am actually pretty happy with my entry this year. I aimed high for CAFR, mid for Innovation and Scope. I wanted to take the roguelike experience into mobile devices avoiding some of the more uncomfortable issues (like boring movement on big rooms). The main point of the game is to challenge people to take risks on what items to keep and when to fight or to dive deep, and still survive.
    * I didn't actually have problems for people playing my game on mobile browsers; libraries like + pixi.js (which are the ones I've used) make it much easier for games to work smoothly these days. The issues I had were actually for the Android App version to work, and that was more of a CocoonJS issue.
    * You can position yourself tactically as long as you are in a battle. If you are not in a battle it makes no sense to walk square by square. It's made mostly to make it easier to play on mobiles.
    * The item system in place isn't really bloated, it's streamlined into weapon/armor maintenance for survival.

    1. I've not been able to play hardly any of the games this year, unlike last year, but I have snuck a few games of Ananias in. I dig it. Took me a second to realize the movement system works like it does, but after that it became very fun. Streamlined.

    2. Heh, I really didn't like the movement system myself. It made the whole game feel static and lifeless to me, like it was some solid puzzle rather than me exploring a dynamic dungeon. I played it in browser mind, and the clickiness frustrated me somewhat - might feel much nicer on mobile.

    3. Ah, now that you've explained the idea for the movement system it makes way more sense. I was pretty confused by the change when enemies appeared and had thought that for some reason it just wasn't working earlier... Obviously I'll need to try it again :)

  7. So it turns out that my inability to play Hellspace was caused entirely by my inability to hit Enter when button mashing to get past the really cool logo screen... Sorry to both Numeron and OpenGL