Friday, September 13, 2013

Episode 80: UnReal World

This is episode 80 of Roguelike Radio, where we talk about UnReal World, the decades old Finnish iron age survival roguelike. Talking this episode are Eben Howard, GameHunter and Sami Maaranen (creator of UnReal World).

You can download the mp3 of the podcast, play it in the embedded player below, or you can follow us on iTunes.

Show schedule:
 - Imagination in roguelikes as a rewarding experience and life in UnReal World
 - History of the game, with the old version available at

 - Repercussions since the game became freeware / donations
 - LARPing and the possibility of UnReal World LARP rulebooks
 - Modding the graphics and game
 - The game's economy
 - Rate of feature adding caused by people and nature

 - Inspiration for Sami from roguelikes and other games
 - Danger, lack of hit points and combat mechanics
 - Stories told through the game's combat log
 - Music in the game and in Sami's life
 - A tribute to Errka, co-developer of UnReal World
 - Other games Sami has made
 - Future changes, such as UI overhaul and graphics update
 - UnReal World is the only official educational roguelike!

Games mentioned: UnReal World, ADOM, Dwarf Fortress, Ultima Ratio Regum, Nethack, Omega

Music you should listen to, suggested by Sami and Errka:

Pohjannaula (band that no longer exists, music available mostly on YouTube)
Pekko Käppi

And some music of the 'northern tribes' :) - from Saami artists:
Ulla Pirttijärvi (no official site I guess, music available mostly on YouTube)

Join us next time on Roguelike Radio to hears a bunch of rogues talk about more rogue-y stuff.


  1. With Gamehunter's constant appearances, how long until we see him in the list of contributers?

  2. Would have wished there was a bit more discussion about the gameplay mechanics, as someone who only has a slight experience with the game I'd have liked to hear more how it works...

  3. Fantastic episode and encouraged me to go check this game out

  4. This is my favorite game. There are not many games out there as this one. Very deep gameplay especially with mods, with very little to it.