Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 44: Winning

Welcome to Roguelike Radio episode 44. This week we talk about Winning. Talking this ep are Andrew Doull and Darren Grey.

You can download the mp3 of the podcast, play it in the embedded player below, or you can follow us on iTunes. Be warned, this episode contains SPOILERS! Including some serious spoilers for FTL from 28 to 30 mins.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
- The joy of finally winning a roguelike
- Devs not winning their own games
- How winning makes up a small amount of the game
- Winning by score more than previously
- Endless games, via infinite score or sandbox style
- Different victory conditions
- Permanent changes through winning (including some of Shockfrost's ideas)
- Building a good final boss
- The disgusting use of hidden second final bosses
- Multiple endings, the good and bad
- Hooking the player to play again
- An aside about the upcoming Annual Roguelike Release Party 2012 and the Roguelike Bundle

Tune in next week for an episode on Caves of Qud.


  1. Edited the post to change Shockbolt to Shockfrost. I think you must have had Rolemaster on the brain...

  2. Thanks for yet another inspiring and educational episode guys! Could really feel Andrew's excitement for winning brogue :-D

  3. Welcome back guys! Please try to release episodes on a more regular schedule. It's very disappointing to see weeks go by without any activity.

    I'm a bit surprised you considered The Binding of Isaac an easier game than Brogue. In my experience, it's been the exact opposite. I ascended Brogue on my 3rd attempt, whereas it took at least several dozen attempts to "win" Isaac for the first time. I don't know if my experience is unusual or not, so there's not much more I can add to that.

    1. They are completely different genres so it makes sense that experiences will vary.

    2. If you ascended Brogue on your 3rd try then you are obviously atypical. Your post both bitches and brags. Bravo.

    3. The bitching is justified! We're sorry for being late with this. We're all rather busy right now :( If you have specific episode requests let us know and we'll try our best to get them covered.

    4. Okay! I'd like to see some of the Incubator projects covered. Maybe an episode on the project itself, how it went, what was done, then maybe some short episodes on each game. Short episodes are probably just as demanding to put together I'd imagine, but I don't know.

      So that's my request. :-)

      Or even an episode on vaporware, and some of the awesome ideas that come out from some of these projects, but never get implemented. You could cover how great ideas are but that the real work is in the implementation of ideas. That sort of thing interests me quite a bit because I am a notorious dreamer. Also my current job has owners that think their ideas are the reason they are successful when in fact it is theirs and their employee's hard work that should really get the credit (we grow organic produce and sell at farmer's markets, we make a killing, it's not complex, but takes a lot of work).

      Sort of the 'board room' vs 'factory floor' dynamic.

  4. Great podcast! Perhaps you could make one on "winning strategies/tactics" or what makes a player good at roguelikes.

    1. I thought we established that it was a good cup of tea????

    2. I recommend Typhoo. Strong but not too bitter.

  5. I could drink gallons of tea and still never be an above average player. :-)