Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Special on the ADOM IndieGoGo Campaign

Welcome to Roguelike Radio. This week we're having a special episode to look at the ADOM Resurrection Campaign on IndieGoGo. Talking this episode are Darren Grey, Thomas Biskup and Jochen Terstiege (the maintainers of ADOM).

You can download the mp3 of the podcast, play it in the embedded player below, or you can follow us on iTunes.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
- The ADOM Crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, which has gathered $18k of it's $48k goal in 8 days
- The reason for the $48k figure, and how it will be spent
- View of the Kickstarter/crowdfunding landscape, including the funding of Cardinal Quest, Auro, FTL and CultRL
- The problems of maintaining old code, and both Thomas and Jochen's experience with complex bugfixing in ADOM
- Plans for parallel ADOM II development
- ADOM ports to Amiga, Raspberry Pi and iPad
- Potential for tiles support by integrating NotEye by Zeno
- New and exclusive details about the stretch goals and pledge rewards, including the $50k reward of the printed and bound ADOM source delivered by Thomas in person (any takers?)
- Attention from Notch, Rock Paper Shotgun and other gaming sites
- Advice to others considering crowdfunding - the need for community support, time to promote/feedback/update, being realistic about extra costs, no exclusive content, have a personable video and sell yourself as much as the game
- Potential impact on the roguelike scene

Tune in next week for a discussion on Score Systems in Roguelikes. Honestly this time.


  1. As an iPad user I can refute that you need to build games from the ground up for it.

    Windowsil, Avernum Escape from the Pit, Cardinal Quest and Zaga 33 were not designed for iPad but they are infinitely more entertaining that any other versions I've tried of them.

    When a game does not suit touch controls or is not turn-based, then a touch device is definitely a bad fit.

    1. I think a game can be transferred to an Ipad as long as it has a good mouse base and is small, cardinal quest being a great example.

      That said though I think building with tablets in mind does make better products, but it also doesn't even come down to controls you also need to think about how people absorb content with tablets and smart phones, in much smaller faster chunks.

    2. Yeah, I think this is a big part of the problem with porting the likes of ADOM to a mobile platform. Thomas and Jochen have said that their builds for iOS work very nice and smoothly, but I don't think either play the game to serious lengths any more. In a long game I can't see these paltforms being viable.

    3. Yeh, to be fair I've not played ADOM. The games I cited needed little work to transfer.

      Except Avernum takes some learning but does wonders with the limitations: Hold down for tool tips. Recognises the difference between a tap-select and a tap-scroll. I was fighting lizard men today. Jesus christ that game is huge for an iOS title. Been playing it months.

    4. Cardinal Quest was very much designed for touch controls even tho it released on PC first. It was a lot of work too, would have been a lot easier to stick a bunch of keyboard shortcuts in there instead.

  2. Just posting here because you don't have a general feedback form:

    Two show suggestions. Spelunky HD on the Xbox Live Arcade is great and I think it's certainly a Roguelike. Worth a full show!

    And an interesting game to come on the scene in DayZ. It's a first person shooter but I would ALMOST describe it as a first person multiplayer rogeulike shooter. It takes hour and hours to scavenge the stuff you need and when you die, you lose it all. The only reason to play is to see how long you can live. I consider a life successful if I just find a gun, since that can be hard enough.

    And yet one of the least compromising games ever has 600k players! What is going on?

    1. The Roguelike Radio discussion on Temple of the Roguelike link on the right hand side is as close as we get to a forum.

      If I could get a hold of Derek Yu, we'd be doing a Spelunky episode :)