Friday, March 4, 2016

Episode 118: Interview with John Harris

This is episode 118 of Roguelike Radio, where we interview John Harris about his new book: @Play: Exploring Roguelike Dungeons.

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Topics Discussed:
0:40 - The funtabulous new book, available now through Amazon and
2:40 - Roguelikes are EVERYWHERE now!
8:40 - John's story, how he first got introduced to roguelikes.
22:24 - His first solo ascension through the idea of making a website talking about how to beat Nethack.
25:28 - Conducts and how it can bring challenge and fun back to a roguelike you've ascended.
28:34 - How his @Play column started, talking more broadly about roguelikes.
28:56 - Fushigi No Dungeon (Shiren the Wanderer) discovered on Usenet.
30:50 - Happened upon Nethack 3.2.3 just as it was released and submitted an article to Slash Dot. It gets published on Slash Dot by no other than Simon Carles who later will open up Game Set Watch.
33:50 - The chronology of columns and their topics
37:30 - Preserving roguelike history, and @Play's role in that quest.
46:23 - The roguelike reinassance of recent years. Old roguelikes coming back with new versions.
49:06 - John on the new Nethack (3.6).
51:00 - The book is out now, so what is next? More columns to keep @Play going!
54:35 - Academic papers on Roguelikes.
55:48 - On Dwarf Fortress and Procedural Narrative Generators. The future of gaming?
64:20 - Mark's in-development book "The Unpredictability of Gameplay".
66:32 - Everyone, buy John's book!

66:54 - 7DRL week and IRDC in New York August 6th!

Join us next time for more roguelike-y goodness!


  1. many thanks to John, Darren, and Mark for this excellent ep! as a cultural anthropology student with a focus on digital media and gaming, i would also be very interested in a _RLR_ and/or _AP_ 'citations' page :)

  2. All the talk at the end about Amazon and the nature of corporations is very interesting as was the rest of the show, keep em comin :)

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  7. Do you have a link to the "new Larn" that was mentioned in this episode?

    1. Here you go:

  8. Loving this stuff . . . please keep up the good work! Thanks for the great insights!!