Monday, August 10, 2015

Episode 105: Dungeon Hacks, a book about roguelikes

This is episode 105 of Roguelike Radio, where we discuss Dungeon Hacks, a book on the history of roguelikes by David Craddock.

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Topics Discussed:
  • Dungeon Hacks has just been released, in electronic, audio and dead tree form. In it David covers the history of the roguelike genre, from Beneath Apple Manor through to Nethack, Angband and ADOM.
  • One Week Dungeons also released, a spin-off about the 7DRL Challenge week.
  • The convergent evolution behind Rogue, Beneath Apple Manor and Sword of Fargoal.
  • Roguelikes as vehicles for stories and their tie-in with Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Stories of individuals and bringing out their motivations and passions.
  • The 7DRL interviews and the highs and lows of the developers reviewed over the week.
  • "Darren Grey says it's not awful"

Join us next time for some answers to community questions.


  1. Yet another fine episode---it may be nigh unto impossible to suss out all the varied historical bits when it comes to the classic of classics in the Roguelike scene, but it is still an excellent endeavor to loot what can be as time's own Sword of Damocles descends steadily apace.

  2. David Craddock has a voice that really makes you want to stay awhile and listen